What Is Apache?

  apache web server

Apache web server is open-sourced software and is the widest used server application among all web sites.Many companies choose Apache web server because it implements the latest protocols; it is easily customizable and comes with unrestrictive license. Apache is constantly being updated in order to make it the most stable web server with increasing functionality.

Apache hosting

apache hosting We offer free Apache hosting and it fully supports Python, PHP and over 3200 Perl modules! This is the perfect solution for individuals who need to setup their first website at no cost! It is completely free and the best part is that we’ll never put ads or banners to our site and this free web hosting account will last forever! No trials, no hidden fees, no catches! On the other hand if you are experienced with web hosting and you want to go to the next level with less limitations to your hosting plan you should check out our paid Personal and Business hosting plans. They surely have tons of features to offer you and you can get the best out of your experience with Internet business!

Apache Advantages

apache advantages

When the Apache web server is running you can be sure that whatever kind of content management system or custom website or template you want to host it is fully compatible with the web server. This means that the Apache hosting can handle any kind of web site! That is because the software supports a wide range of programming languages such as Python, Perl and PHP. Furthermore with the release of each new version more and more useful modules are being added. The software is open-source, stable and reliable and if you have some solid programming skills then you can customize it the way you like it.

FREE Hosting Plan

$0.00£0.000.00€ per year

    1000 MB Disk Space
    5 GB Monthly Traffic
    1 Domains Hosting
    PHP5, Perl, IMAP
    Advanced Control Panel

Personal Hosting Plan

$24.00£24.0024.00€ per year

    Unlimited Disk Space
    Unlimited Monthly Traffic
    2 Domains Hosting
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, IMAP
    PHP5, Perl, ASP.NET
    1 FREE domain for 1 year

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