What is DHCP server?

dhcp server and internetDHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. This protocol is used by any kind of device (computer, router) which needs to obtain IP Address remotely in order to connect to the Internet. These IP addresses are acquired by the DHCP client from the DHCP server which stores and manages them. The DHCP server also ensures that each IP is unique and that a single IP is not used by 2 or more devices at the same time. On the other hand it is normal that if a device disconnects from the network then its IP can be assigned to another computer that has just connected. That’s why the DHCP protocol is mostly used by Internet service providers who want to save on IP addresses’ costs.

How does the DHCP protocol work?

dhcp protocol The DHCP protocol uses a client-server based architecture. The DHCP client sends a broadcast query for Internet configuration details contained in the so-called DHCP DISCOVER package which is used to identify available server. The DHCP server responds to the query with a DHCP OFFER packet which contains assigned dynamic IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS servers and the time for which the dynamic IP address is assigned to this specific device. The DHCP client can receive multiple DHCP OFFER packets in case there are more than one DHCP servers on this network. If that is the case then a broadcast query with DHCP REQUEST packet is being sent. This packet will identify the exact DHCP server and get the dynamic IP address.

Dynamic IPs and web hosting

dhcp client ip Only static IPs are suitable for use on web hosting servers although a web site visitor can use any kind of IP no matter if it is static or dynamic as long as it is a valid one. Static IP is mandatory for web servers because the website administrators may need to use some custom records to point their domains such as the A record, which requires an IP address. If that IP address changes after 24 hours and the A record has not been updated then the website visitors won’t be able to display the web page. Zettahost guarantees 99.9% uptime on our web servers and you can test us by getting one of our free web hosting plans with no ads displayed on your web site!

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