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SPAM and viruses: these are the two evils for all email systems. Everyone hates mailboxes crammed with SPAM messages and getting a virus on any computer is commonly done via the user’s email account. That is why it’s so important to have a reliable email anti-virus protection service that can block threatening emails from going into your email account. Email antivirus protection systems scan all incoming and outgoing messages and attached files, thus protecting your email account and computer, as well as the email servers from getting infected.

Antivirus Protection with ClamAV

clamAV free website hosting

Our email hosting services provide free email antivirus protection with the ClamAV anti-virus software created especially for the scanning of email gateways. ClamAV is multifunctional, cross-platform instrument, one of the most effective antivirus programs available. ClamAV includes a huge daily updated virus database, command-line on demand scanning, multi-threaded daemon, support for most email and document formats. With ClamAV your email account will have full email antivirus protection that will detect and remove any malware and viruses before they even reach your mailbox.

Email Hosting

You can get full email antivirus protection with the ClamAV software with all our website hosting services, including our free website hosting plan. We have cloud-based infrastructure for our shared hosting and dedicated services with MySQL and email on separate servers, so the load of your website is better distributed in peak times.

FREE Hosting Plan

    1000 MB Disk Space
    5 GB Monthly Traffic
    1 Domains Hosting
    SPAM/Antivirus Protection
    MySQL, PHP5, Perl, CGI
    Advanced Control Panel
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