Email Autoresponder – What Is It?

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The autoresponder is a computer program that is set to automatically respond to email messages you receive at your mailbox. You can use it for auto-replies to send various notifying or marketing messages to any mailing list or group you have created. At first autoresponders were developed to enable email transfer agents to notify email users when their emails could not be delivered. Mail Autoresponders are usually very easy to set up and manage via automated web interfaces. The impact of your automated replies could be measured with various freely available tools.

What I Can Use The Autoresponder For?

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The autoresponder is useful for many things, but it’s often used as newsletter software, for marketing purposes. You can use it to notify your users and future clients that their messages have been received and that you will answer them personally or to let them know that you’re unable to reply at the moment. You can send emails to users to confirm that they’ve successfully signed up for your website or that their purchases were approved. With the email responder you can manage subscriptions, send related information or special offers on certain time intervals. That’s a simple way to remind the clients of your products and services. You must only make sure that your emails are not mistaken for a SPAM.

Email Hosting

free mail autoresponder

Most hosting companies don’t offer free email autoresponders or place their advertisements in your auto-replies. With our free website hosting plans you can use a simple autoresponder absolutely for free. You can also use unlimited aliases and up to 500 email filters + email forwarding to manage all your emails easily.

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