Internet Firewall Software – What Is It?

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The Firewall is one of the basic and most effective technologies that protect your personal computer or network of computers from malware and hacking attacks. The Firewall software is used to control the traffic between networks. It is often implemented to protect a private home or office network from malware content coming from an external network, usually – the Internet. In the types of internal networks, which usually use routers to connect to the Internet, the router itself provides some basic Firewall functions (devices of this type are called Firewall hardware). Individual computers also usually have Firewall software installed and pre-configured with their operating system. For example, when you buy a Windows computer it comes with pre-installed software package that includes Firewall for Windows as well. Firewalls can be easily configured to allow only certain kinds of information. For example, you can use Internet Firewall to block certain sites or IP addresses, even protocols and ports. Some types of Firewall software could even enable you to sort out certain media types, as well as particular words or phrases or to forbid content downloading and uploading. Using all these Firewall features you can easily set different privileges for all computers in the network.

Firewall for Windows

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If you don’t have Firewall installed, you can always download and one of the many free Firewalls for Windows, Linux or other operating systems available online. With Windows Firewall you can set different profiles (Work, Home, Public) and configure them. You can also disable or enable the Firewall for Windows at any time with just one click from your Control panel. You can edit the list of programs allowed to send or receive data through your Internet Firewall. If you need extra secure connection you can block all incoming connections, which will still allow you to visit websites, to send and receive emails.

Free Firewall Hosting

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Well, servers also use Firewalls that protect the hosting accounts on them from most of the common web server attacks. Every website needs basic Firewall protection. Most web hosts provide free Firewall software, if not you must download Firewall and install it by yourself. Try our free website hosting services with all basic features and absolutely free Firewall protection. With our paid shared web hosting you can get various free CMSs, website builders, Python script, Ruby, PHP5, ASP.NET and more. Our shared plans start at $24.00£24.0024.00€ per year for our Personal Hosting Plan that comes with 1 FREE domain for 1 year.

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