HTML Script – What Is It?

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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the main language used for the creation and display of website pages in a web browser. Actually, browsers are created especially to read HTML files and transform the HTML code into the web pages we see every day on the Internet. With the help of the HTML script on web pages can be embedded images, videos and other objects as well. The markup also allows the easy implementation of other scripts in the HTML code including JavaScript, PHP and CSS, which add to the capabilities, interactive features and design of the page. HTML files have the name extensions .html or .htm. A basic HTML function is the embedding of links (hypertext) in a web page, so links can be attached to any piece of text on the web page or to an image. This is done with the use of HTML tags, specified for that task. The tags are exact predefined instructions put in angle brackets like <a >.

Basic HTML Code & Usage

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The HTML code tags make up the HTML elements that give the browsers instructions how to interpret the code when displaying the page content. Tags can be singular (using only one HTML tag to give instructions like <img >), but most of them go in pairs, so you have a starting/opening tag and an ending/closing tag like <>”html> and </html>. Between the tags is the actual content (mostly text) that is displayed on the visible page, the tags are not displayed. Although the HTML script is not very hard to learn, various websites or web hosting services offer website building or publishing software with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, which allow the easy creation and edition of web pages without extensive or no HTML knowledge at all. However, WYSIWYG HTML editors’ capabilities are limited and this editing model is criticized for generating code with lower quality (code redundancy or code with incorrect syntax called “tag soup”).

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