What is LAN Ethernet Network?

ethernet networkThe term Ethernet is a protocol regarded to all types of LAN devices in the IEEE 802.03 standard. There are 3 kinds of network channels for the Ethernet network protocol: 10Mbps or 10base-T Ethernet; 100Mbps – Fast Ethernet; 1000Mbps – Gigabit Ethernet. Among all local networks that have been standardized the Ethernet network has proven to be easy to control, use and maintain. The LAN Network is also very cheap, and features great flexibility. This is why about 85% among all local networks are based on the Ethernet network technology. LAN Networks are used in every office or home with more than 1 computer and need to be connected to a common Internet service provider.

LAN Networks Today

local network Since its launch and standardization in 1980 the Ethernet network standard has evolved significantly including improved physical media devices, increasing the bandwidth rate, replacing the coaxial cables with twisted pair-based cables. Nowadays these improvements reduce the local network costs, improve the troubleshooting, management and reliability. In the beginning the speed that an Ethernet network could reach was about 10Mbps on the coaxial cables. The most often used Ethernet speed today is at 100Mbps, although more and more switches and computers have 1000Mbps built in port and they can get higher speed. In order for an Ethernet network to be build an Ethernet switch is needed to connect all devices. You can also build a local network by connecting all computers in a ring, but then you will need them to be powered up all the time and if any of the devices indicates malfunction then the entire LAN network can collapse. This makes that kind of Ethernet network more difficult to maintain and more resource-consuming especially if the computers need to be in different rooms for example.

Ethernet Network and Web Hosting

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