PhpMyAdmin – What Is It?


PhpMyAdmin is a program written mainly in PHP (also with CSS and JavaScript) for the management of website databases. phpMyAdmin is open source tool with web-based interface that can be accessed via any web browser. It is created especially for the administration of MySQL databases and can be used on any operating system. Another great advantage of the phpMyAdmin is that it is available in multiple languages (currently translated in 68 languages). phpMyAdmin was initially released in 1998 and since then it have become one of the most widely used applications for the management of MySQL databases.

PhpMyAdmin Features

phpmyadmin free

Using the graphic interface of phpMyAmin you can easily make, delete or edit databases and manage all their elements: tables with their rows and columns, indexes, fields, statements and queries. You can control users’ permissions and administer several servers simultaneously. PhpMyAdmin will help you to easily synchronize databases and search through them, import text files and monitor changes in your databases. You can execute complex quires and SQL statements, create and edit functions, events and triggers. With phpMyAdmin you can back up your databases and export data into different formats including CSV (comma-separated values), SQL, XML, PDF, OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, Excel, LATEX etc. PhpMyAmin supports foreign keys, mysqli and InnoDB.

Free Website Hosting With MySQL

phpmyadmin In order to back up your data or make any modifications in your database you will need phpMyAdmin. With our hosting services the application is pre-installed and you can start using it right away. With the free website hosting plan you receive a free MySQL database that you will easily manage with phpMyAdmin. Now you can start building any kind of websites and manage your content easily using our pre-installed tools and easy in-house hosting Control Panel.

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