phpPgAdmin – What Is It?

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phpPgAdmin to PostgreSQL is the same as PhpMyAdmin is to MySQL, it is the web-based application that provides access to your website’s databases and enables their easy management. If you use PostgreSQL databases, phpPgAdmin is the management tool you must utilize. Just like PhpMyAdmin it is written in PHP and its purpose is to simplify as much as possible the creation and usage of databases even for inexperienced users.

PhpPgAdmin is available in multiple languages – currently 27. It is easy to set up and configure and allows the management of more servers at once. You can do anything via the graphical interface of phpPgAdmin, but you can use SQL commands as well or import various SQL scripts. The plain interface enables you to create data tables and insert content almost automatically.

phpPgAdmin Features

phpPgAdmin postgresql

phpPgAdmin is simple, but it is loaded with numerous features that are the key to PostgreSQL’s flexibility and reliability. As mentioned the application simplifies the creation of PostgreSQL databases, the editing of tables, columns and fields, as well as the implementation of SQL statements and various scripts. With phpPgAdmin you can also:

    Manage users’ privileges and groups
    Export and import data in different formats
    Find, edit and delete data quickly
    Browse through the data
    Manage schemas, indexes, triggers etc.
    Use Slony – asynchronous master-slave replication engine

Hosting for PostgreSQL & phpPgAdmin

phpPgAdmin PostgreSQL hosting The phpPgAdmin application is necessary for the simple administration of your PostgreSQL databases. With us you can order shared hosting at reasonable prices with 7 MySQL + 7 PostgreSQL databases for only $24.00£24.0024.00€ per year. This hosting plan includes phpPgAdmin as well as PhpMyAdmin, which are pre-installed and accessible via our in-house developed hosting Control Panel. Our plans come with all features you need to launch your website.

Personal Hosting Plan

    Unlimited Disk Space
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    MySQL, PostgreSQL, phpPgAdmin
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