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What Is Piwik Hosting

What Is Piwik Hosting

Do you need to analyze web traffic on a daily basis? Do you feel that you need more functionality? Many of professionals are happy with the Piwik web analytics software for its qualities. It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and it’s completely free to use and distribute. That makes it a great free and open tool for web analytics that’s a viable alternative to Google Analytics. This means that you’ll have more freedom and can move your data between platforms easily if you wish to do so. Get more features and don’t be locked down in a proprietary environment.Sign up for a hosting plan with us and get Piwik Hosting now. It’s the best open-source analytics system that can monitor your stats in real time. Try it today totally risk free by registering an account with us.

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Manage Your Piwik Hosting Freely and Easily

Manage Your Piwik Hosting Freely and Easily

With our Piwik Hosting it’s extremely easy to manage your trafic data. The core feature of this library is that it’s easy to use and can be integrated nicely with your site. Adding additional functionality consists from finding the necessary add-on and installing it. All of your data – goals, conversions etc. is easily exportable and mobile with Piwik Hosting.

Get Some Excellent Features

  • Real Time Web Analytics Reports.

  • You Own Your Web Analytics Data.

  • Modern, Intuitive User Interface.

  • Get Additional Features with Plugins.

  • Vibrant International Open Community.

Why use Piwik Hosting?

Why use Piwik Hosting?

Piwik is one of the best and most powerful Web analytics tools. It’s known for it’s stability, numerous features and openness. Many businesses have reported a high satisfaction with the system and general capabilities of Piwik. One thing that is often problematic with free software is getting support. Install the Piwik Hosting we offer when you buy a hosting plan from us and take advantage of the vast online resources available on Piwik. By choosing the Piwik Hosting you can rely on the active Piwik community, online chatrooms and forums. It’s easy to find many dedicated companies in the marketplace to assist you with your Piwik data if you are in a corporate environment. They could provide you with experts and a deeper knowledge, and assist with things like SEO, campaigns and so on.

Sign Up for Piwik

FREE Hosting Plan

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL
  • PHP5, Perl
  • 24/7 Support
  • Joomla&Wordpress Isntaller
  • Email Sending (SMTP ON)
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