What Is PunBB Hosting

What Is Free phpBB Hosting

PunBB is an open source forum discussion board that is very fast and lightweight. It was created by it’s author because he couldn’t find a bulletin board system that wasn’t full of unnesseccery features and wasn’t graphically intensive. So he made one himself. With our PunBB Hosting service you can register for a new hosting at a very affordable price and install PunBB within 5 minutes and in just a few mouse clicks. Just select the Zacky Tools Installer in our easy too use control panel and choose PunBB Hosting. It is going to be the best forum installation experience you’ve ever had.

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Manage Your PunBB Hosting Freely and Easily

Manage Your free phpBB Hosting Freely and Easily

Creating a fast and simple forum board has never been so simple. It takes only a few easy steps to create an account with us and set up a PunBB Hosting. After that just follow the onscreen instructions that the installer gives you and you’ll be ready to populate your new forum with content. This can be done quickly and with ease because PunBB is designed this way – for simplicity and just the bare essentials in mind in terms of functionality.

Why use PunBB Hosting?

Why use PunBB Hosting?

If you want to add a simple bulletin board system to your existing website and you don’t need a lot of functionality or you don’t wand to exceed the amount of hosting space or monthly bandwidth you’re using, PunBB Hosting is the right choice for you. PunBB is less graphically and feature intensive so it produces smaller files with simple XHTML code that is easy to follow and understand. This means that the installed forum won’t tax the servers so much as other software. So, PunBB Hosting is a perfect solution for a smaller less visited website that is in need of some forum functionality.

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Get Some Excellent Features

  • Licensed under the GPLv2
  • Written in PHP
  • Spam and Flood Control
  • Expandable Modules
  • Password Hashing
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