Webmail – What Is It?

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The webmail gives you web-based access to your email accounts. Most email providers have webmail, which is easily accessible via any browser. For that purpose they build user-friendly websites where their services are quickly accessible. Popular providers of web-based email services are Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Unless you want to use an email client you will often need access to webmail services. Web hosting providers also offer email capabilities, so you can send and receive messages at the email address of your website – your own email that is very important for the credibility of your brand.

Why Should I Choose Webmail?

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The most distinctive characteristic of the webmail is that it’s available online and you always need an Internet connection to read, edit or send emails. That is also its biggest advantage over the POP3-based email services that save your emails locally and they can’t be accessed online once you have opened them. However, you can use any device or web browser to access your webmail account. Most webmail services also have good antivirus and SPAM protection programs that regularly scan your emails and warn you if there are fraudulent ones. Of course, you can use all of these webmail accounts from your email client. The minus here is that if you happen to use another device you first have to download the software, install it, configure it and set up all your email accounts. All this requires lots of time.

Email Hosting

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We offer free email hosting with access to POP3/IMAP and SMTP that let you create an email account with your domain and send emails with free webmail from anywhere. You can use two webmail platforms with our plans: IlohaMail and AtMail. We also protect your emails with free SPAM filters and antivirus protection.

FREE Hosting Plan

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