What is byte?

what is byte - definitionByte is a measurement unit for information storage. It is capable of storing 1 character (letter, number or any kind of symbol) and consists of 8 bits – the smallest measurement units. Everything regarded to file size, disc capacity and RAM memory is measured in bytes. Of course when the file’s size is too large then measurement units such as kilobyte (KB=1024 bytes), megabyte (MB=1024KB=1,048,576 bytes) and gigabyte (GB=1024MB) come in handy.

Where are bytes used?

bytes are used in serversBytes are used in your computer, cell phone, IPod or digital camera. Basically anything that can store, process and transmit digital information uses bytes. This measurement unit has been set as a standard since its first use back in 1956 and has proven as an excellent option for the production of cheaper computers and electronics. You should also know that there are 2 types of byte definition when it comes to file size measurement and disc storage. Hard drive manufacturers have accepted that 1 megabyte is equal to 1000KB instead of 1024KB. That’s why if you are using operating system such as Microsoft Windows and check the file size of any larger file through the Properties menu you will get 2 values: size and size on disk. For example – if you have a small banner with around 13KB size then the size on disk will be like 15-16KB. These byte definitions are source of confusion for people unaware of the 2 different standards.
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