VOIP – What Is VOIP Service?

What is VOIP service?

What is VOIP? Voice over IP is the name of a group of technologies that make possible verbal communication over the Internet. Most commonly the term means a telephone call on the Internet. All that is neaded for a VOIP call is a personal computer and an Internet connection that has sufficient bandwidth. Put in simple terms VOIP is another way of making phone calls. One advantage is that making the calls is usually far cheaper than using the public telephone system or even completely free. A typical phone isn’t needed anymore, as one could communicate via voice over IP without a telephone set. That said, even a PC is not needed anymore for a VOIP call. Every smartphone with Wi-Fi and/or 3G connectivity has a VOIP capability built-in. This flexibility and the low cost have made VOIP a very popular choice for businesses and individuals.

Voice Over IP Explained

What is Voice Over IP? It's all explained here.

It’s possible to chose from several kinds of VoIP service, according to your needs and method of communication. Software-based VoIP service is the most widely used VOIP solution and usually it’s free. To use this service, you’ll have to use a propriatary ‘softphone’ software on your PC. The calls will are free and unlimited when calling users of the same VoIP service. Landline and cellular calls are paid, but still significantly cheaper. Residential VoIP service is designed to be used instead of the ‘regular’ phone line you use in your office or at home. You can sign up for this service online. You will get a phone adapter to plug to the broadband Internet line on one side and to your phone on the other side. Calls to some destinations can be unlimited, or they can be limited to a specific number of minutes, depending on which type of service you choose.

Benefits of Using VOIP

Benefits of Using VOIP. Why use Voice over IP?

VOIP has some real advantages over traditional phone systems. For starters:
– It utilizes infrastructure that is already in place.

– You can use one connection for Internet access and voice over IP without the need for a separate phone line.

– Cost is reduced timefold. International VOIP calls can be made very cheaply or even for free.

– In most cases VOIP users can communicate with each other free of charge when using the same service.

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