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What Is 4images Hosting

What Is 4images Hosting

Seen some slick looking image galleries online but don’t know how to make one? You are probably wondering what software or CMS they are using. Many of them have tried the 4images Image Gallery Management System because of its qualities. It’s free for personal and non-commercial use. That makes it a great free and open system to use as a platform for an image-centered website. It’s popularity makes sure that you won’t find yourself running an outdated platform. The developers team is always improving on what is already a stable and feature-packed solution.Sign up for a hosting plan with us and get 4images Hosting now. It’s an excellent Image Gallery Management System for your personal web gallery. Try it today totally risk free by registering an account with us.

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Manage Your 4images Hosting Freely and Easily

Manage Your 4images Hosting Freely and Easily

With our 4images Hosting it’s a pleasure to manage your photos online. The core feature of this system is it’s easy to use installer. Customization isn’t a problem – some standard templates come included and if you wish adding more is an option. Of course every template is highly customizable and can feature unlimited categories and subcategories.

Get Some Excellent Features

  • Logging and statistics of clicks for each categorie or subcategory.

  • Upload through browser, through admin panel or via FTP (Batch upload).

  • Description and keywords for every image.

  • Protection against hotlinking.

  • Templates can be edited using a general HTML editor or via the administration area.

Why use 4images Hosting?

Why use 4images Hosting?

4images is one of the oldest and well known Image Gallery Management Systems. It’s known for it’s simplicity, out-of-the-box functionality and good design. Many individuals choose to present their visual content with 4images. If you’ve used free software in the past you probably know that getting support can be hard. Not this time, though. Install the 4images Hosting we offer when you buy a hosting plan from us and take advantage of the vast online resources available on 4images. By choosing the 4images Hosting you can rely on the active 4images community and forums. They could provide you with help on various topics, and assist with things like design, development, spam blocking, theming and so on.

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FREE Hosting Plan

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL
  • PHP5, Perl
  • 24/7 Support
  • Joomla&Wordpress Isntaller
  • Email Sending (SMTP ON)
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