Cloud Hosting Services – What Is It?

cloud hosting services

Cloud hosting is extremely flexible, easily accessible and user-friendly hosting solution. Cloud services deploy a group of servers – a cluster that store simultaneously the data from a particular website and power it with redundant resources. In this way your website or a network of websites is hosted on a multiple connected servers at the same time. This makes your website much more reliable as if one server is down, the others will compensate with part of their own resources. Besides, new servers can be added to the cloud at any time. This means no downtime for the website or at least very low chances for that happening.

Easy To Use, User-Friendly

cloud hosting services

The cloud is easily accessible from any place, from any browser or device with Internet connection. Cloud hosting accounts can be more easily managed by user-friendly interfaces that allow self-management and almost full automation. The cloud is considered to be a relatively new technology and it’s currently going through a remarkable growth. But the cloud is most commonly known for the storage of files that can be easily accessed and edited via any web browser or application on any device. You save disk space and you can instantly have all your files on any device. In a way that kind of storage is more secure than storing things on your own computer, which can be easily broken or stolen.

Cloud Hosting Is Everywhere

cloud hosting

However, cloud hosting’s been around for a relatively long time: many popular websites have been using cloud computing for years: every time you search in Google you are using their cloud infrastructure and as you can see their pages always load incredibly fast and the site is never down. Amazon also uses the cloud for its websites and services. Cloud hosting services are widely used by webmail providers, websites like Facebook, Flickr, Netfilx and many others. Every growing website for which regular shared hosting’ s resources are not enough anymore can be upgraded to cloud hosting, which could easily be more efficient and cheaper than dedicated hosting soluitions.

Flexibility & Efficiency

cloud hosting services

Cloud hosting’s really suitable for big sites with traffic that could vary significantly, because it saves lots of resources with its flexible infrastructure. The cloud provides just as much resources as the website needs at any given moment so at peak times it uses resources from more servers in the cloud. Using multiple servers makes your website incredibly stable and very easy for scaling up and down according to its current needs, so it is easy for you to add much more resources to your site when you need them and to give them back when you don’t – this happens almost instantly and there’s no disturbance in the performance of your site.

Save & Pay For What You’ve Used

cloud hosting services billing

By introducing a new method of distributing the resources over a cluster of servers that are used only when necessary the cloud hosting saves energy and money and it is incredibly efficient. And the billing for cloud services is on the same principle – you pay only for the resources that you use, only when you use them. It’s the same thing as paying your electricity bill – you pay only for the energy you have used – not for all the energy that has been available for you in the electric grid. Regular web hosting is just the opposite of this and you pay for the entire server. However, cloud services might still not be cheap enough for every company and you should carefully check the company’s billing system.

Work & Play In The Cloud

cloud hosting

Another great advantage of the cloud hosting is that no data has to be stored locally, on the user’s computer, since it’s accessed directly in the cloud. This makes your files available anywhere and makes them easy to share with others. Cloud computing is getting more and more ubiquitous not only for work and file management, but in online games, associated with the phrase “cloud gaming” or “on-demand gaming”. These kind of games are accessed directly on the company’s servers and don’t require any local storage because they use the resources of the server, not the resources on the user’s computer. Thus, your computer uses less of its power and resources, so it is not overloaded.

Cloud VPS Servers

cloud hosting services

We provide VPS hosting services that use an elastic cloud platform, which enables you to upgrade your hosting resources almost instantly by adding more RAM, CPU power or HDD space. So, if shared hosting is not an option for your site anymore, you can order the less expensive dedicated solution – VPS hosting and simply upgrade your virtual server if you need. The additional cloud resources will be always available to support your website in peak times and to guarantee its stability and independence. Your virtual server could be also transferred to another physical machine without any disruption to your website.

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