Cloud VPS Servers

What are Cloud VPS Servers?

cloud vps servers with xenCloud VPS Servers are solutions for professionals who are looking for affordable ways to expand their online presence. The robust technology of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) allows a physical server machine to be devided into several smaller virtual machines which are fully independent from each other. This results in several advantages. Every VPS is completely self-contained and independent from the others. The user has root access and can control every aspect of the VPS’s behavior. Any software can be installed, configured and customized by the user. In every aspect the end user sees them as real physical machines. Not all Cloud VPS Servers are equal though. Our Cloud VPS Servers are much less expensive from dedicated physical servers while offering similar performance. This can drastically reduce your monthly expenses and increase the performance of the applications you run on the server side. They are also much easier to upgrade.

Why choose Cloud VSP Server?

why you should choose cloud vps serversOur Cloud VPS Servers use the industry standart technology called XEN Hypervisor. This XEN Virtualisation Software is what makes the link between the server’s hardware and it’s operating system. It allows the user full root access and all the advantages that come from that. Having a seperate kernel, the ability to change the server’s OS etc. It also allows for every virtual machine to have dedicated resources for itself. The Cloud VPS Servers we provide are very easily upgradable via the Control Panel. You can order on a monthly basis more HDD space, traffic, CPU or RAM on demand. If later you find that the additional resources aren’t needed, just stop renewing the upgrades and your resources will automatically revert to their default amount. That said, Cloud VPS Servers don’t have a cloud infrastructure in the sense that they don’t share resources trough multiple machines on demand. If you buy for the right VPS plan though, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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You Control The Resources

vps servers your own resourcesIf you use Cloud VPS Hosting you have available for your needs all the CPU cycles and all the RAM you have paid for. This means that these resources are not shared with other VPSs and are available to the user at all times. This is a good thing if the levels of web traffic for your site are relatively stable. Upgrading the amount of available resources with additional ones is also very easy through the Control Panel.

Cloud VPS Control Panel

cloud vps servers control panelOur Cloud VPS Servers are generally prefered by experienced users who want to control everything about their server and customize all of their settings. However, the Control Panel we offer is suitable for less experienced users also and it’ll allow you to manage your Cloud VPS Servers without any difficulties. Choose the right VPS package for you and customize the upgrades you wish in just a few clicks.


cloud vps servers independencyThe XEN Hypervisor Technology gets you better separation of the Virtual Private Servers wich is good for control and security. The XEN Virtualization allows you to have multiple different OS’s on the virtual servers completely independent of each other. You can control and restart each of them independently from the others.

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