Domain Transfer Lock

domain transfer lock

The Domain Transfer Lock is a status of the domain that protects it from hijacking and unauthorized transfers. Security and reliability online are important – with this option activated your domain is protected and cannot be stolen. If you decide that you want to transfer your domain you must unlock it. The Domain Lock has no effect on the functionality of your site in any other way, it only prevents the transfer of the domain. The Transfer Lock is also known as Domain Lock or Registrar’s Lock. The Domain Transfer Lock disables transfers, so you can feel protected from illegal activities that could compromise your domains. Yet, while the domain is locked it can be renewed and configured.

Manage your Domain Lock

domain name lock

Usually when you register a domain name the registrars provide access to the Lock options, which are also really easy to manage. However, some registrars happen to lock the domains and not enable their users to unlock them on their own, thus not letting them transfer their own domains. We offer Transfer Lock as a free feature that you can manage on your own from our Hosting Control Panel. If you decide that you want to change the settings of your domain names, to transfer, delete or to unlock any of them – it takes only a few seconds. However, it is important to keep your domain locked in order to protect it from infringement. For that reason we’ve developed the simplest tools that enable you to quickly change the settings of your domains and hosting account.

Secure Your Domain With Us

domain transfer lock management

Register your domain with us and we will provide you with easy to manage Transfer Lock section as part of our user-friendly Control Panel. From there you can also change your DNS settings, WHOIS data, use Multiple Domains Sub-Accounts, forward emails and redirect URLs. These features are available for all web hosting plans and all domains registered with us. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions by the registries of some top-level domains, which just don’t support the Domain Lock option, but utilize different protection methods. These are: .info,,, .eu, .de, .be, .jp and .tw. We also provide easy management for your EPP Key, Password Protection, SSH, SPAM and Virus Protection, SSLs and Domain WHOIS Protection.

Register or Transfer Domain with Us

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