What Is Domain WHOIS Protection?

What Is Domain WHOIS Protection?

Domain WHOIS Protection is a service we offer with domain names that are registered or transferred with us. It serves to protect your personal information against online threats. When you register a domain the contact information that goes with it is visible to everybody with access to the Internet. You don’t want that to happen for a number of reasons. SPAM is the most obvious and and annoying one. Your email is staying in the open which means that unwanted messages are a given. Our specially implemented Domain WHOIS Protection puts an intermediate email address between the Internet and your personal email. This way we can filter out the SPAM and let trough the legitimate messages.

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Why Do You Need It?

Why Do You Need Domain WHOIS Protection?

When somebody makes a WHOIS search and finds your information he may find out a lot about you, including your email, phone number and full name. You see how this can quickly turn into a problem. That’s why we provide your customers who have a domain with us with Domain WHOIS Protection so they don’t become victims of scams. With this service you can change the WHOIS information to something that will fool anybody that tries to contact you without permission. This way you won’t receive unwanted email from scammers and telemarketers can’t find your number and call you. Maybe you didn’t have to think about this until now, but as you can see there are many good reasons why you should purchase Domain WHOIS Protection.

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What Is WHOIS?

What Is WHOIS?

The WHOIS protocol originated as a way for system administrators to get contact information for assigned IP addresses or domain name owners. People started to use the data in the WHOIS system for many other things, including: Helping for more friendly and trusty environment in the Internet by giving ISPs ways to communicate easier with domain administrators; Looking up if a domain is already registered or not; Assisting the law and the government in legal issues; Helping businesses and users in fighting fraud. The WHOIS contains personal information for the person who registered the domain – full name, phone number, email, address.

How to Get WHOIS Protection?

How Does Domain WHOIS Protection work?

To be able to protect your information and privacy we offer Domain WHOIS Protection for users that have registered or transferred a domain with us. It is a piece of software that you can buy from us, and changes the default user information like your email and phone number for information that we provide and that becomes publicly visible. Now you and your credentials are safe from unethical activities such as spamming. If have a domain with us you should check in the Control Panel of your account and look for Add-ons – you can purchase the Domain WHOIS Protection package from there. Or if you don’t have a domain with us, you can select that option during the registration process. Enabling it is a piece of mind – the bad guys won’t get you this way at least.

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