What is Email Forwarding?

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The Email Forwarding is essential email feature that simplifies the management of your email accounts. It enables you to forward emails from your website address to any other email address or addresses. You can also send the emails from all your accounts in a single mailbox. This is really helpful if you don’t have the time to check all your email accounts or if you just forget to do it occasionally. Free Email Forwarding is also commonly used for re-sending emails to other people, with whom you want to share some information. This feature is integrated in most email clients or web-based mailing services.

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What’s the Email Forwarding Used For?

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There are various ways to forward your emails. You can forward individual messages manually from your email account. Or you could set automatic free email forwarding for all your emails. With this feature you can effortlessly forward all your messages from old accounts that you are not using anymore. Free Email Forwarding will also help you to manage all your emails more quickly and easily. So, if you have an email account that you prefer to use you can simply point all your messages to it. Instead of re-sending every email individually you can automatically forward all of your messages. However, it must be noted that there is a significant difference between simple re-sending of emails and forwarding. When an email is re-sent the recipient cannot see who the original sender was and could not respond to the email. This is because when you re-mail a message the email client actually replaces the address of the sender with that of the one who re-sends the email. The Email Forwarding option doesn’t alter the emails you send.

Free Email Forwarding with Our Plans

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We provide free email sending and other email features for all hosting packages we offer. In order to simplify the management of hosting and email accounts our team has developed in-house hosting Control Panel with simple and effective design. All email settings you can find in the Email Manager of your Control Panel and using them is easy and fast. There is the Email Aliases section that you can use if you want to receive the messages from all email accounts on your domain at one or more mailboxes. Email aliases are email forwarding accounts that are frequently used for the so called “role email accounts” like support@yourdomain.com, sales@yourdomain.com, jim@yourdomain.com and so on. If some of these people change their accounts or want to use other accounts you could simply forward their messages. It’s the same if a few of these accounts are managed by one person – you can just forward all messages to his/her account. Using our email filters will enable you to automatically re-send only selected emails.

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