Free Storefront Templates

reseller hosting free storefront templates

If you have no technological skills and no experience in the development or design of websites, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. With our completely automated reseller hosting program you can modify your existing website or create a new one quickly, with no additional expenses. The simplest way to become a hosting reseller and sell paid and free website hosting services is to use our free storefront templates that can be installed and set in just a couple of clicks. Everything else is handled by us – we take care of the System Administration, Billing, Tech Support and send you your commissions.

Our templates are absolutely free and designed especially for our resellers. After you register your new website you just have to select the template you like. The templates can be modified via our Reseller Hosting Control Panel, which is very simple to use in-house developed Control Panel. The free storefront templates include order forms, login forms, the whole range of our services, default prices and descriptions – they are absolutely functional and can be instantly deployed. However, you can customize them if you wish and you can use your own content on the site.

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Storefront Templates Customization & Flexibility

reseller hosting free templates

You can easily change our Free Storefront Templates via your Control Panel, where you can find separate menus that allow you to select another logo for your website, change headers and footers, switch your templates and color schemes, customize our order and login forms, enable or disable services to sell, set up your own plans and prices, make SEO settings etc. Our Reseller Hosting Control Panel also enables you to select your reseller program or order additional services, renew your account, select language and currency for your stores, manage your domains and emails.

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