Free URL Forwarding

free URL forwarding

Register or transfer your domain with us and you will be enabled to use a simple forwarding (redirection) from your domain to any other domain. This is the URL Redirection feature that can be found in the Domain Manager of our Control Panel, designed to optimally facilitate the management of your hosting account and domains. We provide a wide range of domain names with free URL Forwarding that you can use when necessary. Besides, we offer you absolutely free domains with our shared web hosting and semi-dedicated hosting plans. You can compare their features and prices and you will find the most appropriate plan for your website’s needs. These are the plans that you can order with free domains:

  • Personal Hosting Plan – 1 Free Domain for 1 year
  • Business Hosting Plan Business – 1 Free Domain for LIFE
  • Starter Semi Dedicated – 1 Free Domain for LIFE
  • Pro Semi Dedicated – 1 Free Domain for LIFE
  • Advanced Semi Dedicated – 1 Free Domain for LIFE
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What is URL Forwarding

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The free URL Forwarding or URL Redirection is used in many situations and for various reasons. This technique allows you to open one page via different URL addresses pointing to that page.

Sometimes URL Redirection is used when web pages are moved or their URLs need to be changed – this helps you to avoid broken links and losing your traffic on these pages. URL redirects are also used for the shortening of links (commonly used in sites like Twitter) or for privacy reasons. URL Forwarding is particularly useful if you have more domains and web pages. Utilizing URL Forwarding to redirect various URLs to a single website could significantly help you boost your traffic. URL Redirection is also used for similar domain names and domains that could be mistyped by users. For example: might be accidentally written as For that reason free URL forwarding is often used to redirect these “wrong” URLs to the original URL address. Very frequently redirects are used to redirect URL addresses not including the www. of a website ( to URL Forwarding is almost always necessary when you change your domain name or move pages on your website. This will prevent users and search engines as well from visiting the outdated links.

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