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soholaunch concrete5 basicpagesYou need a free website builder if you want to launch your site fast and cheaply without the need to hire various specialists. That’s possible because site builders are especially designed to allow everybody to create their own websites, without necessarily having any special skills.

Website builders significantly facilitate the creation of websites, reduce the cost and make the development of a new website much more pleasurable. The site builder is an online tool you can access from any browser and it doesn’t require any coding, that’s why it’s perfect for beginners. Different types of website builders enable the creation of simple or more complex websites. Within any of our paid hosting plans you get three free website builders that can be automatically installed via our ZackyTools Installer.

Our Free Site Builders

  • basicpages website builder


    BasicPages website builder

    BasicPages is a simple and compact website builder with clean design that offers the fast and automated implementation of the basic features a website needs. The BasicPages website builder is suitable for users with no experience and no technical skills, who want to create simple websites quickly.

    Our free BasicPages installation is a quick process involving just a couple of clicks. The free website builder comes with a few color themes you can choose from or you can download many others for free. With BasicPages you can edit text and upload media through simple visual editor. You can create your own menus, manage URLs, rename pages etc.

  • concrete5 free website builder


    concrete5 website builder

    The concrete5 website builder is more advanced object-centered tool for the creation of more complicated and customizable websites. Learning how to use it is fast and easy, since everything is automated. With the free concrete5 builder you can edit text and objects directly from the front-end page. This builder helps you to modify the appearance and structure of your web pages more easily.

    Concrete5 website builder lets you create diverse designs, add galleries, slideshows, videos etc. It is an easy builder, but it offers sophisticated features and settings for advanced users and developers as well.

  • soholaunch website builder


    soholaunch free website builder

    The third free website builder we offer with our paid web hosting plans is the basic version of Soholaunch. The Soholaunch website builder enables you to create and design bigger and diverse sites, especially commercial and business ones. This is easily done with the tools that Soholaunch offers: shopping carts, newsletter sending, pre-made contact and login forms, built-in Google Analytics and translator, calendars, simple integration of PayPal and more payment methods, as well as social networks.

    With our 1-Click Script Installer you can quickly launch the free website builder, select any of the free themes that matches your site’s style and you are ready to upload your content.

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