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For most of the TLDs the Authorization code is always demanded for a transfer of the domain name ( and don’t use Domain EPP Key, but other protections). With us you can access your domain EPP Key freely via our in-house Control Panel. You can request your EPP Key from the Domain Manager at any time. The Control Panel also enables you to manage your DNS settings, WHOIS information and to make URL redirects. You can directly register or transfer domain names and check the status of all your domains and subdomains.

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What Is An EPP Key

manage domain EPP key

The Domain EPP key (also called Authorization code) is a protocol designed to allow the easy communication between the companies that register domain names (registrars) and the domain name registry operators that manage the databases of all domains registered with the same top-level domain (TLD). Every registry operator is responsible for all domains within a particular TLD. For example: all domains with the TLD .ch (for Switzerland) are managed by the organization SWITCH. Registries require the EPP Key when the domain is transferred.

Why Do I Need EPP Key

domain EPP key management

The EPP Key verifies your domain and protects it from theft. That’s why you cannot transfer a domain name without the domain EPP code. You can request it from your domain name registrar, but occasionally with some of the registrars retrieving your EPP is not that easy task. You often need to make a request especially for the domain EPP Key, it might also take a long time to obtain it and the company might force you to renew your domain with them again. Sometimes they might even refuse to give you the EPP authorization key at all.

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