Pixelpost Hosting Gets Your Pictures Seen

Pixelpost Hosting

Do you take a lot of pictures? Are you a photographer? Maybe you are looking for a way to present your work better online. You’ve probably looked at many Content Management Systems. Don’t look any further. With our Pixelpost Hosting it’s not necessary to have any previous technical knowledge. With only minimal effort and a few spare minutes of your time you can setup a Pixelpost photoblog and start uploading your photos. Your better online image is just a few clicks away – try the Pixelpost Hosting we provide for customers who purchased a hosting plan. Pixelpost is created from a group of like-minded people who think that sharing online is the best way of sharing. Pixelpost is one of the best and has at least as many features as some paid photosharing services. What’s even better is that because so many people are using it, there’s plenty information on the web if you happen to have any questions. There are many other solutions on the web but none of them, paid or free can match the capabilities of Pixelpost. Start an amazing photoblog and show your pictures to the world with our Pixelpost Hosting by signing up for a hosting plan.

Check All The Useful Features

  • Smooth Install Assistant.

  • Defensio Spam Blocker.

  • Multilingual capability.

  • Commenting function.

  • Exif support.

  • Spam filtering.

  • Categories and tagging.

  • Easy installation with the Zacky Free Software Installer.

Check for domain names

FREE Hosting Plan

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL
  • PHP5, Perl
  • 24/7 Support
  • Joomla&Wordpress Isntaller
  • Email Sending (SMTP ON)
$ 0 . 00 £ 0 . 00 0 . 00 /year

  • Plug-in System

  • RSS feeds

  • Social Media Integration

  • Full text search

  • Powerful Control Panel

  • Analytics

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