I Can Sell Hosting?

You can sell Private Label Reseller Hosting Yes, with our reseller program you can begin to sell hosting services online in minutes! We give you the opportunity to become a part of the fastest growing market, with no initial investment! Make your own webstore and sell our hosting services. You don’t buy anything in advance and you decide how much to charge your customers. The difference between our prices and the ones you define is your commission and is instantly assigned to you. We even provide ready to go store templates so you don’t have to know anything about web design or developing. The Private Label Reseller Hosting is a great way to expand your existing business into new markets or start a completely new venture. This is one of a kind opportunity – you shouldn’t miss it!

What Does Private Label Mean?

What does Private Label Reseller Hosting mean? What Private Label Reseller Hosting really means is that if you create a store with us, you’ll have the tools to completely customize it and label it with your existing brand or anything at all – it’s your choice! Your site could use your private domain or you could register a new one with us. Having your own brand is extremely important because you have to captivate the customers so they don’t go to your competition. That’s why our Private Label Reseller Hosting program is focused on giving as many tools as possible to make your brand stand out. The details like billing, administration and tech support are done by us but all your customers are seeing is your brand name on the site. If you want even more branding options you should by one of the “Private DNS” packages.
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How Much Money Can I Earn?

If all that you read above interests you, you’re probably asking yourself how much profit can you make from Private Label Reseller Hosting. Well, that depends entirely on you and the prices you set from your store. It also depends on how much customers you attract. It’s your job to promote and tell the world about your new store. We help you with the back-end (like billing, administration, tech support and sales chat) because the more you earn, we earn more too, but the managing of the store, setting the prices and promotion are entirely up to you.
  • Set your own retail prices
  • Earn commission you’ve setup
  • Set retail prices for each domain
  • Set retail prices for Semi-Dedicated and Shared Hosting
  • Set retail prices for VPS’s

Will It Cost Me Anything?

Our Private Label Reseller Hosting program is completely free and it doesn’t require any money when creating new websites. We even provide you with free store templates which you can install in minutes, without the need to rely on web designers or developers). You don’t have to pay for system administration, billing or a support team. Prepaying for any of our hosting plans or other services isn’t necessary. As a reseller you can offer:
  • Free Web Hosting Plan
  • Shared Hosting Plans
  • VPS Hosting Plans
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
  • Transfers/Registration of Domains
  • SSL Certificates
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