Reseller Hosting for Everyone

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Our free reseller hosting program is suitable for less or more experienced users, as well as people with no experience at all and no technological skills. Enabling our clients to start their own business is one of our long-term goals and it’s a vital part of the development and growth of our company. Throughout the years we have developed various tools that facilitate our resellers as much as possible. For anyone who wants to become our reseller we provide special Hosting Reseller Control Panel that enables you to quickly create your own hosting website using our free storefront templates. We also offer a range of tools that can help you modify your existing website or launch a site creating your own design and structure. Our hosting reseller services are completely automated and don’t require any extra efforts on your part. Besides, our free reseller program doesn’t involve any initial investments or fees whatsoever.

Remote Hosting Reseller Tools

remote hosting reseller tools

If you’re an experienced reseller or if you’ve developed your own website that you want to further build up or simply to earn some extra money from it, you’d find an easy way to monetize it with our Remote Hosting Reseller Tools. These tools allow you to resell hosting services via your existing site. To activate the remote orders for our services on your website you have to use automatically generated HTML snippets that display remote product and order forms via which your clients can order services directly from us. You only have to copy those HTML fragments from your Reseller Control Panel to the preferred places on your website’s pages. Using our remote hosting reseller tools gives you more freedom and flexibility – you don’t have to change anything else in your site, but you can customize our forms to fit your site’s style. You can do that by editing our default CSS files that you can download from your Reseller Control Panel.

Our Remote Reseller Forms

remote hosting reseller tools

Our Remote Hosting Reseller Tools load the content for the order forms directly from our servers, thus allowing visitors from your custom website to automatically order hosting. The only thing you have to do is set your own prices and customize the appearance of our forms if you want. However, to do this you need some basic HTML and CSS skills. In your Free Reseller Hosting Control Panel you can instantly generate our remote order tools including Order form, Domain form (which includes search for available domains and domain order), Login form (that allows your customers to log in to their hosting Control Panels on our servers, it includes Lost Password form, too), Contact form (via which your clients contact directly to our sales, support and abuse team), SSLs form, Hosting Plans‘ descriptions and comparison tables etc. We also provide the CSS files that you can use freely to customize the remote forms.

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