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If you’ve decided that you want to launch your own reseller website for hosting services and start serious business you surely think about how to establish your own brand on the market. To help you create your own brand name we’ve developed Private Label Reseller program, designed specifically to keep your anonymity as our reseller. With our Free Reseller Hosting program you can rely on complete automation of all services and orders. We handle Sales, Billing, Technical Support and Servers Administration instead of you, but under your brand name, ensuring that your clients will never know that you’re reselling our services. For the absolute anonymity and security of our resellers we offer additional Private DNS Cluster options.

Reseller Hosting Free Services

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Establish your brand with Private DNS Cluster and with our Reseller Hosting Program you can sell for free various hosting services. Offer your clients:

          • Free Web Hosting Plan
          • Shared Hosting Plans
          • VPS Hosting Plans
          • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
          • Transfers/Registration of Domains
          • SSL Certificates

Private DNS Cluster Services

private dns cluster reseller hosting

Our Reseller Hosting program simplifies the management of your reseller store as much as possible leaving you more time to focus on your site’s content, marketing and promotion. With our Private DNS (Domain Name Servers) Cluster services we will help you to establish your own brand quickly and permanently.

The Private DNS Cluster provides you with your own name servers just like your domain name, which look like these:

This means that your customers’ websites will also be on your name servers. And when they enter their Hosting Control Panels, log in to their accounts, make their payments, change their DNS and email settings they will see only your brand name and logo. Users’ accounts, email and subdomains will appear on your own domain. All these setting are very important if you want to keep your complete anonymity as a reseller. The credibility of your business and services is of utmost significance for your clients and their trust in your brand. By creating your Private Brand Network you can be sure that your customers will never know that you are a reseller and you will also have better control over your domains and settings.

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