Reseller Web Hosting

reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting that allows people to sell services they bought from a hosting provider to third parties or authorizes them to directly resell the services of the hosting company under their own brand name. Lots of the existing hosting companies are actually resellers, though resellers are usually small businesses. Reseller hosting programs get more and more sophisticated and automated, thus enabling more and more people with no broad web hosting knowledge and technical skills to sell hosting services. The server administration, orders and tech support are managed by the hosting company. Hosting reseller programs offer easy tools for the management of the reseller accounts – these are different types of Control Panels developed especially for resellers. Reseller hosting accounts can be set quite easily and quickly.

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No Initial Investment

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Unless you rent a server or prepay for services, reseller web hosting is typically free and no initial investments should be made, except for buying a domain and a hosting plan for the reseller website (unless you have a website already). That’s why the reseller hosting is an easy and risk-free way to start your own company. For the establishment of a private brand hosting companies offer additional services that preserve your anonymity as a reseller and prevent the user from finding out that you are selling services on the behalf of someone else. Some firms also offer customizable, plans, remote forms, Control Panels or entire hosting reseller stores. Absolute anonymity is achieved via private DNS cluster that allows the user to create his own private network with all Control Panel, order and payment pages on his own name server.

What Is The Profit From Reseller Hosting?

reseller web  hosting

Starting a new business is hard, but don’t forget that the web hosting market is huge since every website uses various hosting services. The profit from reseller web hosting depends on many factors. The quality of the services is determined by the hosting company, so the reseller should concentrate on extensive advertising, marketing, SEO and the overall development of the reseller store. As a reseller you should carefully monitor the traffic at your site and find the best way to attract and keep your customers. If you are a remote reseller – by selling services from your previously developed website that already has some sufficient traffic it will be easier for you to keep your customers and find new ones, especially if you offer hosting as a supplementary service.

Services Resellers Could Offer

With some hosting companies the range of services that resellers can offer is also unlimited: It includes all types of hosting: Free and paid shared hosting, dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting, VPS and cloud hosting services, domains, SSL certificates, website building and design services and more. The reseller could also rent his/hers own dedicated server.

Types of Reseller Hosting

reseller web hosting

You can either resell services you have prepaid for or you can directly resell any services that the hosting companies offer and receive your commissions from these sales without paying anything in advance. You can resell from your already existing site if the company offers remote reseller tools or you can create a new web store that could be created almost automatically with pre-made storefront templates that some hosts offer. In order to give credence to your brand you can also use anonymity and private DNS services (your users’ sites and Control Panels will be on your own name servers) offered by most companies.

Offer Free Hosting Plans

reseller hosting

Hosting providers usually sell their services to resellers at wholesale prices and let them set their own prices and plans. The value added by the hosting resellers is usually their commission. Some hosting companies also offer bonuses or discounts for their resellers. Resellers who are enabled to provide free website hosting more easily attract new clients. And as free website hosting has some limitations free user accounts are often upgraded to paid ones if the customers are content with the services they get.

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