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What Is TomatoCart Hosting

What Is TomatoCart Hosting

If you need a powerful and reliable e-commerce software solution, you’ve probably found yourself searching around the web through the endless choices that are on offer. One very good choice among all available e-commerce solutions is TomatoCart. It’s completely free and open source software that can be used to create a high quality professional looking online store. TomatoCart is a branch of osCommerce 3 and is developed as a separate project. It’s developers are aiming at making it the best online shopping cart solution. Our TomatoCart Hosting offers the full set of features that the platform can offer. TomatoCart Hosting uses a ExtJS-powered interface which resembles a desktop environment, resulting in a more usable product and better user experience. According to online users, TomatoCart is one of the most easy to use shopping carts they’ve used. It’s free to use with our reasonably priced web hosting plans, so try it today and get your online shop going.

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Manage Your TomatoCart Hosting Freely and Easily

Manage Your TomatoCart Hosting Freely and Easily

TomatoCart Hosting has excellent management tools for webmasters. You’re able, for example to separate price and stock management based on attribute combination. The platform has many useful features like this which all add up in the end, making it a powerful tool in the hands of the user. It’s an actively supported and developed project, so finding help online isn’t a problem.

Get Some Excellent Features

  • Content Management System.

  • Promotion tools and SEO.

  • One-Page Checkout. Ajax Shopping Cart.

  • Product discounts based on quantity or customer groups.

  • Order reports.

Why use TomatoCart Hosting?

Why use TomatoCart Hosting?

It’s very likely that you’ve tried or at least read about other shopping cart solutions. The TomatoCart platform has some undeniable advantages. Take for example it’s specially developed front-end. The web interface allows users to have multiple windows open at the same time, enabling users to manipulate many modules all at the same time. You’re able to enter up to four kinds of products and display them correctly with the included product image zoom and light box capability. It’s very likely that you’ll have to accepts payment originating from many different countries. This isn’t a problem for TomatoCart Hosting. People from different countries can use variable payment methods. It’s easy to select the most suitable among the 26 predefined options in TomatoCart. Payment gateways include Amazon IPN,, PayPal and more.

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FREE Hosting Plan

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL
  • PHP5, Perl
  • 24/7 Support
  • Joomla&Wordpress Isntaller
  • Email Sending (SMTP ON)
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