VPS Hosting Service – What Is It?

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VPS hosting services provide more flexible and specialized solutions for diverse websites that have outgrown their shared hosting plan limits. The new technology of Virtual Private Servers provides cheaper and high-quality hosting services that fill in the gap between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is very effective and elastic hosting solution because it’s based on a server virtualization technology that divides the physical machine into a few fully independent virtual servers that could have separate operating systems installed and could be rebooted without affecting each other. These capabilities also allow root access to the server and full control over each virtual machine, so you have the freedom to make various changes in your hosting account and install additional software. VPS is more appropriate for users with more experience who want full access to their server, to manage their own settings and develop custom websites. To make that experience simpler we’ve created our special VPS Control Panel (not much different from our Shared Control Panel) that makes the management of VPS accounts much easier.

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Cloud VPS Servers

vps hosting services

Our VPS services run on elastic cloud platform that allows the easy and instant upgrade of the Virtual Private Server with more RAM, CPU power or HDD space on demand. This saves you money and time as your VPS server is going to be optimally balanced and efficient. The additional resources are provided in no time and keep the performance of your site excellent at peak times, too. Your virtual server could be also transferred to another physical machine without any disruption to your website. The cloud platform offers extra security and stability.

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Independency & Security

vps hosting services

The autonomy that VPS hosting services guarantee means that you have your own CPU and RAM resources that are not shared with the other accounts on the server and you can entirely rely on them. This is suitable for websites with traffic that is relatively fixed and predictable, because in peak times there are no additional shared resources that your website could use. However, these resources can be easily upgraded. The isolation between VPS hosting accounts on one server makes the VPS more secure than any shared hosting solution.

VPS vs. Semi-Dedicated Hosting

vps hosting versus dedicated

The VPS hosting is cheaper and more flexible than dedicated hosting, but semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting services provide more resources. The VPS service is more independent than semi-dedicated hosting as the virtual servers on one machine don’t affect each other and their reliability is similar to that of a dedicated server while semi-dedicated accounts share resources on one server. Splitting the server into a couple of virtual servers makes the VPS hosting more efficient and cost-effective than dedicated services. If you try dedicated hosting make sure you need so much resources.

XEN Virtualization Technology

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The virtualization of the server is executed by special software that acts as a layer between the hardware and the operating system of the server. One of these technologies is the Virtuozzo Containers, which unfortunately doesn’t offer real virtualization: with it some of the resources are shared, the root access is restricted, the OS cannot be modified etc. A professional VPS hosting provider would rather offer the XEN Hypervisor – a technology that lets you install any OS you need, guarantees full autonomy of the resources, root access and various customization options.

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