What Is WHOIS Management?

What Is WHOIS Management?

It is very important that you properly manage your WHOIS information. That’s why we provide with our domain and hosting services advanced WHOIS Management technology. It allows the user to view all the WHOIS details like email address, name, address and phone number. If you wish to protect and hide that information you could buy the Domain WHOIS Protection upgrade. This is a very handy option because it gives you the tools to prevent unwanted email or even identity theft and fraud. If you have registered a domain name with us or at any other company and you’re using one of our hosting services it’s a very good measure to check out the Domain WHOIS Protection service. It will allow to hide everything that can be harmful for you if it goes in the wrong hands. You shouldn’t wait, register or transfer a domain with us and stop the spammy emails and annoying phone calls from telemarketers.

Why Do You Need It?

Why Do You Need WHOIS Management?

When you do a WHOIS search you can finds lots of information about a domain owner, including his email, phone number and full name. If have good intentions it’s a very useful service. But not everybody on the Internet behaves well. You see how this can be a problem for you. Everybody could look up your WHOIS credentials. That’s why we provide our customers who have bought or transferred a domain with WHOIS Management so they don’t become victims of scams. With this service the WHOIS information is changed to something that doesn’t let the spam trough but still lets legitimate users contact you. This way you won’t recieve unwanted email from scammers and telemarketers can’t find your number and call you. Maybe you didn’t have to think about this until now, but as you can see there are many good reasons why you should use WHOIS Management with our hosting plans.

How To Manage Your WHOIS Information

How To Manage Your WHOIS Information

Managing your WHOIS information with us is as easy as any other operation that is done trough our specially developed Control Panel. If you register a domain with us or you have a transferred one you are ready to manage your WHOIS Information. As you can see when you create an account, the navigation menu is very intuitive and self explanatory. You just go to the proper menu item and if you bought the Domain WHOIS Protection add-on. It’s really that easy. You don’t need to know anything about website building to do it. Now whenever somebody looks up your WHOIS information he’ll be able to see only the items provided by the software. You see for yourself that it’s not complicated at all when you register a domain with us.

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How Does It Work?

How Does WHOIS Management work?

For us to have the ability to protect your information and privacy we enable WHOIS Management by default. That however doesn’t hide your information from the public. For that you’ll have to buy the optional Domain WHOIS Protection package. It is a feature of our specially developed software for users that have registered or transferred a domain with us that changes the default user credentials like your e-mail address or telephone number with details that we provide and that become publicly available. Now you and your credentials are safe from unethical activities such as spamming. You should check in the Control Panel of your account with us and look around the WHOIS Management options for the domain name.

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