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    Free Joomla Hosting

    If you want to create your own website without investing money and time you can simply sign up for free hosting with us and create your site with any of the free tools we offer. Joomla is one of the most popular platforms for the creation of websites and you can have it automatically installed with our special Joomla hosting package. Our free Joomla hosting plan provides all the tools you need to launch your first site. You can send and receive email, manage your account, settings and files from our simple Control Panel, you also get protection against SPAM and viruses.

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  •  joomla hosting

    Create Your New Website with Joomla

    Joomla is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems because it enables the creation of different kinds of websites that can be easily managed by advanced users and beginners as well. With free Joomla hosting you can make simple sites like blogs, but also complex commercial or non-profit websites with various features and different types of design. Joomla sites are very easy to customize since it uses various modules and plugins.

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  • free automatic joomla installation

    Automated Joomla Installation

    Our free Joomla hosting package is suitable for any site and any user – it simply works! You don’t need any experience to launch your Joomla-based website with us. You simply need to log in to your free hosting account with us and select the Zacky 1-Click Installer from the Control Panel. Then select the Joomla CMS and it will be automatically installed in a few seconds. Your Joomla site is already live! Now you can make changes, edit or remove modules, switch themes, upload your content and so on. Sign Up

Free Joomla Hosting

joomla web hosting services Nowadays anyone is enabled to create a website or a blog for free or at a low price. You don’t have to necessarily pay for a domain, either. You can use a subdomain or a sub-folder on the URL of the hosting company. That is why we aspire to offer you the best free services on the best terms. Our free Joomla hosting doesn’t force any ads and banners on your site or blog. The free shared hosting we offer gives you SMTP & POP3 access, free Joomla templates, webmail and email account. You can host one domain and three subdomains on a free hosting account with us and you can manage all your domain settings and DNS records from our simple In-house Hosting Control Panel. See all Free Web Hosting Features

FREE Hosting Plan

$0.00£0.000.00€ per year

    1000 MB Disk Space
    5 GB Monthly Traffic
    1 Domain Hosting
    1 Email Account
    Email Sending
    Webmail, Autoresponder
    Instant Joomla Installation
    1 FTP Account
    PHP5, Perl
    Advanced Control Panel

What Kind of Joomla Hosting Do I Need?

free joomla hosting The Free Joomla Hosting is perfect for novices with small sites. However, free accounts have some limitations. Shared web hosting plans offer more resources, higher priority for tech support, enable you to register your own domains and to establish your identity online. If you want to create bigger, professional websites for businesses or organizations the better choice is paid hosting. Your site will be more reliable and will run flawlessly. However, if you’re just making your first steps in the web business and you’re not sure how much resources do you need or what CMS you want to use, then you can always start with a free web hosting account and upgrade to paid hosting if needed.Order Paid Joomla Hosting

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