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Error 404 - Not Found: The page you tried to access doesn't exist anymore or might have been moved to a different location. You might have mistyped the URL, why don't you try again, starting from the home page?

404 Error – What Is It?

404 error

When you visit a website and try to open a page, which doesn’t exist or a page with a broken link, the server usually sends the 404 error message “Not Found”. This server response tells browsers and search engines that the page is not available. For that reason when you make your site you should be careful to avoid broken links and error pages, because they cannot be crawled by search engines and slow down the indexing of your website. The 404 error is a standard HTTP status code that shows that the client connected to the server where the site is hosted, but that particular page you searched for could not be found.

Custom 404 Error Pages

custom 404 error page

The standard message for every not existing page is “File Not Found”. However, these messages could be customized for any particular website. You can easily do this by using custom 404 Error pages. With this option you can customize your 404 error message in order to make the page fit your website’s design and give your visitors additional information if you want to. When somebody looks for a page that does not exist it is also important to return the right 404 error response code and not just the page displaying the error. Custom error pages also help you to find the source of the broken URL and track how your site’s visitors got there.

Free Domain Hosting

free domain hosting

You can transfer or register these free domains with us: .com, .net, .org, .us, .info or .biz with our paid hosting plans. Our shared hosting packages start at $24.00£24.0024.00€ per year for our Personal Hosting Plan that comes with 1 FREE domain for 1 year and free custom 404 error page that you can adjust as you want, according to your site’s needs.

Free Reseller Hosting

free reseller hosting

You want to start your own hosting business? Resell free, shared, VPS, dedicated hosting and domains with us! Our reseller hosting platform is fully automated and you can launch your hosting site with us quickly and easily with no technical skills and no initial investments required!

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