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What Is Elgg Hosting

What Is Elgg Hosting

What’s the best platform for creating a social network from scratch? That certainly depends on your needs but it’s still a difficult decision to make. Many organizations are trusting the Elgg platform because of its qualities. It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and it’s completely free to use and distribute. That makes it a great free and open system to develop for and the result is that people are constantly improving it’s capabilities, features and stability. This means that your Elgg site will never be running an old and unsecure version of the software. The open-source community is always improving and making it a better product. Sign up for a hosting plan with us and get Elgg Hosting now. It’s an excellent social networking software for a community website or an intranet collaboration tool. Try it today totally risk free by registering an account with us.

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Manage Your Elgg Hosting Freely and Easily

Manage Your Elgg Hosting Freely and Easily

With our Elgg Hosting it’s extremely easy to manage your Elgg website. The core feature of this software is that it’s built to be social from the ground up. Adding or disabling functionality is easily done trough the software control panel. You also can define who gets to access the site as well as what content can be viewed from whom.

Get Some Excellent Features

  • Rich, informative profiles for employees, students and staff.

  • Real-time updates on site, groups and channel activity.

  • Real-time microblogging style conversations.

  • Work together in structured groups.

  • Blogging, documents, media, bookmarks: rich content creation.

Why use Elgg Hosting?

Why use Elgg Hosting?

Elgg is one of the most widely used social networking pieces of software. It’s also free and open source. Many famous websites and online portals choose to manage their content with Elgg. For example, the Australian Government, the British Government, the Federal Canadian Government, NASA an other websites are all powered by Elgg. Get the Elgg Hosting we offer when you buy a hosting plan from us and start the process of building your own social website. By choosing the Elgg Hosting you can rely on the worldwide Elgg community, online chatrooms and forums. It’s easy to find many dedicated commercial Elgg stores and Elgg developers in the marketplace to assist you with your Elgg project. They could provide you with services and know-how related to the project you’re working on.

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FREE Hosting Plan

  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Monthly Traffic
  • 1 Domains Hosting
  • MySQL
  • PHP5, Perl
  • 24/7 Support
  • Joomla&Wordpress Isntaller
  • Email Sending (SMTP ON)
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