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Benefiting from Free Hosting

1. Create Your Free Account

To benefit from free hosting, you ought to have an account. Thus, account creation as a first step is to be expected.

You can create your free hosting account in the way most convenient to you. Whether you choose to go with a Facebook profile, a Google account, or email, you’ll get the same quality of service. Your account will be activated instantly.


2. Choose a CMS

Now that you have a free hosting account, you can start creating your website. After all, having a website is the goal. Right?

You can, of course, create your website from scratch, writing your HTML, CSS, and any other code, that is needed.

Yet, we recommend you to install a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress. 

3. Enjoy your Website

It’s all set and done. You can enjoy your website. 

Zetta Free in Details

No Ads

The free hosting service that offers is genuinely free. Your website(s) are all yours, and we’ll never place any ads on them.

Professional Email

To be able to communicate with clients and partners, with our free hosting, you’ll have the opportunity to create an email of the type

Host One Domain for Free

If you already have a TLD (.com. .org, .net, etc.) or any other type of domain, you can use it with our free web hosting service.

Disk Space

With our Zetta Free plan, you’ll get 1GB of Disk Space. This storage is more than enough for one website.

High-Speed Performance

The visitors of your website will never know that you are using free hosting service. Your pages will load fast and easy, thanks to our powerful servers, located in Kiel, Germany.

Technical Support

We are always online. You can always count on quality technical support service, even in 2 after midnight. Contact us at any time.

Why is a hosting company with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. In these years we’ve managed to proof our expertise and to build traditions in the web hosting business. As one of the pioneers of the truly free web hosting, we’ve abide by the quality of our services, and we promise to you:


24/7 Technical Support

Free Domain*

Firewall Protected

High-Quality servers

30-day Money-Back Guarantee**

* A few of our web hosting plans allow you to register a free forever TLD domain (.com, .org, .eu).

**We will refund your hosting service fee. When you register a domain, you will retain your rights to it without being refunded.

Free Hosting F.A.Q.

For how long can I use the Free Hosting Service?’s free hosting service is at your disposal for as long as it suits your needs. In other words, you can use it forever.

We would never push you to upgrade to a paid service, nor we’ll force any ads on your website. 

Is free hosting secure?

Web security is a priority for Our free service is as secure as our paid services. 

How many websites can I have on with the free hosting?

Our free service let’s you create up to 4 websites, distributed among one domain and three subdomains.

Can I install WordPress or Joomla?

Yes. If you are using the free hosting service you’ll be able to install both WordPress and Joomla. The installation process is made as easy as possible, thanks to our Zacky Installer.

Can I use the Free Service to Create my Site, using HTML?

Of course, you can! Our free hosting is the perfect place to create an HTML based website. You can use our platform to both learn the basics of the web or to start a project for free.

Are You Ready to Create Your Website?

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We use cookies to ensure you can get the best experience on our site. If you keep using this site we assume that you agree to our use of cookies. Privacy Policy OK