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The simplest ever free reseller program. Earn money from your own web hosting company.

Free Reseller Hosting Program

How to start your own Hosting Company today for FREE – No upfront fees & No special skills!

reseller hosting free and easyIf you’ve ever thought that starting online business, especially selling hosting services is too difficult, we are here to show you that actually it has never been so easy. Having in mind the speed with which the Internet is growing, hosting is becoming a great market. Our hosting reseller program offers various opportunities for a simple start in the hosting business. You can choose how much to charge your customers and create your own custom plans. You can decide to simply resell our services with no need of making any investment at all or you can decide to prepay for our services and sell them directly to your clients. We offer a sophisticated platform for resellers that will help you to automatically start reselling hosting through your existing website or through a new one, which you can create just as quickly with our storefront templates.

Why Reseller Hosting

free reseller hostingThe hosting market is constantly getting bigger and more versatile while new and more sophisticated Internet services become available. That’s why we want to let you be part of this and offer you our easy and flexible tools that will help you resell various hosting services without advanced technical skills and with no initial investment.
  • Reseller Hosting with Zero Investment

    reseller hosting no advanced paymentOur reseller hosting program is absolutely free because it requires no investment for the creation of new websites (we provide free store templates that are easy to set in minutes, so you won’t need web designers and developers); there is no need to pay for system administration, billing or support team. We take care of all that. All you have to do is set your prices, customize your store as much as you want and find your new clients. You sell our services to them and the orders are automatically processed by our system.

    You don’t have to prepay for any of our hosting plans or other services. When a purchase is made you directly receive your commission (the difference between our wholesale price and the retail price you set for your store). That’s why our reseller hosting is great for startups and for people, who have already developed an online business, but want to expand their range of products or services and explore a new market. Our resellers can offer:

            • Free Web Hosting Plan
            • Shared Hosting Plans
            • VPS Hosting Plans
            • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
            • Transfers/Registration of Domains
            • SSL Certificates

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  • Create Your Own Hosting Brand with Us

    resell hosting under your own brandWe offer private label hosting that will let you establish your own brand as a hosting provider, because we know how important this is for gaining the customers’ trust. With us you can resell Free and Paid Shared Web Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Names and SSL Certificates all under your OWN BRAND using your own domain.

    Our team will be still doing all the work, including billing, administration, tech support and sales chat, but completely anonymously, behind your brand. All your pages, welcome emails and notifications will have your brand name and logo. You only have to promote your website and capture the attention of your clients. So, no one will even know you are a hosting reseller – everything is completely automated and your anonymity is protected. We want you to succeed because your success is our success and that’s why we do all the work and handle all technical problems absolutely for free!

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  • Discover the Easiest Reseller Hosting Program Ever!

    reseller hosting full automationNot only our resellers don’t need to invest anything or pay fees, they don’t even need any special skills or experience. That’s the result of our constant efforts in developing convenient and reliable reseller hosting platform that allows our resellers to start their own business by offering wide range of products directly to their customers on their own terms.

    You can easily become a part of the reseller hosting business due to our complete automation that lets you manage your account via user-friendly Reseller Control Panel. You can also create your store in a few minutes with our store templates while every order will be automatically handled by us. Your support and sales sections connect your users directly with us, so there’s not a single thing you must do in terms of administration, orders, technical problems etc. You only set your prices and when a customer buys a product from your website, you immediately earn your commission.

    Remote Reseller Tools

    resell hosting remote reseller toolsWe also provide easy and quick solutions for our resellers that don’t want to use our store templates, but want to create their own website or use an existing site they have already developed, especially if they have their own devoted users or clients.

    Our Remote Reseller tools are perfect if you’ve decided to monetize your existing website or expand your online business. To take advantage of this proposition you only have to copy our remote order, login and contact forms, as well as our products’ descriptions and plans’ tables. This can be done in seconds – all you need to do is copy the corresponding HTML snippets and paste them wherever you want on your website. You can also download our CSS files and customize the forms in a way most like your existing website design. The rest of the process is the same – it is all fully automated and we take care of everything.

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  • Resell Hosting at Your Own Store Created in Minutes

    reseller hosting free storefront templatesYou can start reselling hosting immediately after you have launched your website with our free store templates. Our pre-made templates are specially developed for our hosting services and include default prices, products and related content, thus enabling you to start selling right away. However, the templates are easy to customize, so you can make some changes at any time. Our free storefront turn-key templates let you launch your hosting website in just a few steps:

      • Select a domain name or a subdomain for your website
      • Pick a name for your site
      • Select any of our free templates
  • Prepay for Our Services and Charge Your Customers Directly

    reseller hosting wallet

    We also provide option for our resellers who want to be more independent. If you want to do your own billing you can pay in advance for the services you want to resell. Once you’ve made a purchase you can charge your customers directly or receive payment in person, without our intervention.

    To use this service all you have to do is to select “Reseller Wallet” in your Reseller Hosting Panel and fill it with the desired amount that you will be able to use to purchase products with. So, when your clients make orders you can charge them as much as you want. After that you have to buy the products for them with the reseller wallet and get your commission. Finally, we approve the order and the customer starts using the service.

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Hosting Services to Resell

You can offer any of these hosting services to your clients under your own domain today!

Shared Web Hosting

resel free shared hosting You can offer shared web hosting – the perfect solution for personal and small business websites. The shared hosting is powered by our clustered hosting platform. Each of the services (MySQL Database, PostgreSQL Database, Email) included in our shared web hosting plans is running on a separate server in the cloud infrastructure. Shared web hosting is the ultimate hosting solution at a reasonable price. Our default shared web hosting plans for resellers are with Unlimited Traffic & Space features, plus Free Domain for 1 year for the Personal Plan and Free Domain Name for Life for the Business plan. Example Shared Web Hosting plans you can offer

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

semi-dedicated hosting resellerSemi-Dedicated Hosting is inevitably the next level for sites which have outgrown the capacity shared hosting can offer. It also runs on our clustered cloud platform with separate MySQL, PostgreSQL and Email servers in the cluster. On each semi-dedicated server there are far fewer accounts and there are also fewer restrictions in comparison to the shared web hosting infrastructure. Any high traffic website can be conveniently hosted on a semi-dedicated server, which is recommended instead of a VPS where all services (MySQL, PostgreSQL Email) run on the same virtual machine that may not be powerful enough in peak times. Example Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans you can offer

Cloud VPS Hosting

resell free vps hostingVirtual Private Servers also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers is the modern way of having a powerful server at a cheaper price. From your hosting reseller account you can offer VPS hosting to you clients as part of our cloud infrastructure. VPSs are based on the XEN Hypervisor technology, which offers full root access and has the same performance as that of a physical dedicated server. The best part of all is the elasticity of our VPS cloud infrastructure. Clients can purchase additional RAM, CPU and HDD on demand. They can do that directly through your site and we will immediately provide the resources they need. Example VPS Hosting plans you can offer

Domain Names

free hosting reseller domainsNo website could function without a domain name. The choice of an appropriate, memorable and search engine friendly domain name is very important for the success of any website. That’s why we give you the opportunity to resell hosting services and wide range of top-level domain names (TLDs). To resell domains with us is just as easy and absolutely free – you set your prices, we process the orders and send you the commission. You can offer your clients the following domains for registration or transfer: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .me,,, .eu, .ca, .de, .tv, .asia, .mobi, .be, .cc, .jp, .tw, .co, .in Example Domain Search form, your visitors can search through

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