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Domain Name Search

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Why Do I Need a Domain?

domain name what isThe domain name allows you to have a website and identifies your company or personality on the Internet. The domain is the Internet address of your website and the shorter, more accurate and better corresponding to your online business or activity it is, the more effective it’s for your business and brand recognition, it’s also easier to find and it has a better ranking in search engines.

Alternatively, with free hosting plans you could get a free subdomain like However this alternative is sufficient only for small personal pages or simply testing your new website, as well as the company’s services. To establish your own identity and brand you need to register your own domain name. With our web hosting plans you can get affordable professional hosting with your own absolutely free domain.

What we can do for you

We offer various domain services and advanced features that will make your experience as a website owner more satisfactory. In a package with our hosting plans you get free domains that you can manage from your own convenient Domain Control Panel.

    • register your domain name

      Register Your Domain

      After you choose the domain name that’s most suitable for your future website, you can use our quick domain search to see if it’s available and you can register it immediately with us. We will help you to register your domain quickly and easily. If you have any difficulties our support team is available 24/7 and you will be able to manage your domains via our user-friendly Domain Control Panel.

      • register free domain name

        Get a FREE Domain

        Start your new website by cutting down your expenses. Registration of .com, .net, .org, .us, .info or .biz is FREE with the purchase of a paid shared hosting plan or a semi-dedicated plan. You can choose a plan with Free Domain for 1 year or with a Free Domain for LIFE. So, as long as you renew your account with us your domain will be automatically renewed too.

        • free domain with shared hosting

          Our FREE Domain Plans

          You can select any of these plans if you want to register or transfer your domain with us for free:

            Personal Hosting Plan – 1 FREE domain for 1 year

            Business Hosting Plan – 1 FREE domain for LIFE

            All Semi-Dedicated Plans – 1 FREE domain for LIFE

          • free tld domain

            What TLD Do You Need?

            The TLDs (top-level-domains) are the last, but most important part of your domain name. When you choose your domain name you should always select a TLD according to the purpose or location of your website. The TLDs that we offer to our clients are: .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .me,,, .eu, .ca, .de, .tv, .mobi, .cc, .co and .in.

    • domain names transfer

      Why Would I Transfer My Domain?

      If you are not satisfied with your current registrar’s services, you can simply transfer your domain to another company. It is also much more convenient to manage your domain and hosting with the same web hosting company. So, for anything your website needs you will need to contact only one company. This means that the company you choose will be responsible for the overall performance of your site.

      If you transfer domain with any of the extensions .com, .net, .org, .us, .info or .biz and purchase a hosting plan with us your domain will be renewed for free for the first year or for LIFE – that is as long as you renew your account with us. It is not difficult or expensive to transfer a domain name to another company. However there are a few requirements that must be met.

      • transfer domain name requirements

        Requirements for a Domain Transfer

        – The domain should be with unlocked status

        – The domain should be already registered by you and not expired

        – The domain should be at least 60 days old

        – For transfer is required the EPP Key from your current registrar

        – Have in mind that the transfer usually takes at least a few days

        • transfer domain name

          Your Transfer Benefits

          If you transfer your domain to us you will not only acquire free domains, but much better services: you will get our easy Domain Control Panel, full DNS, WHOIS and EPP Key control, ability to lock or unlock your domain on your own, 24 x 7 Tech Support and Multi domains sub-accounts.

    • domain privacy protection whois

      What is WHOIS?

      WHOIS is a database that contains the information about every registered domain. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) demands that all registrars make this information publicly available. The WHOIS includes IP address, full name, email, phone, address, date of domain registration etc. This information is used for verifying the ownership and the status of the domain, building trust in Internet users, preventing fraud or assisting legal investigations.

      • domain privacy protection whois

        What is Domain Privacy Protection?

        The WHOIS requirement is important, but it doesn’t protect your privacy as owner of the domain. The WHOIS contact information can be seen by anyone and in this way you are completely exposed to SPAM, marketing calls, identity theft, fraud and more. However, with Domain Privacy Protection your contact information is concealed from public viewing. If you make a private registration of your domain with us, we will replace your contact WHOIS data with generic contact information.

        • domain name protection of WHOIS

          How Does it Work?

          To protect your personal information you have to order our Domain Privacy Protection service, which is available only for domains registered with us or transferred to our company. Your organization name and your personal name, as well as your physical address and email will be substituted by our information.

          • domain privacy protection

            Do I Really Need It?

            You need Domain Privacy Protection to avoid any fraud schemes and all kinds of spammers, hackers and even stalkers. To protect your privacy using this service is completely legal and it doesn’t change the status of your domain – you are still the owner and you have total control over the domain.

    • hosting domains reseller email

      Email Sending & Webmail

      Email sending & Webmail come with all plans including our free plan. The Webmail provides online access to the emails on your domain account. It has a simple interface and can be accessed from any browser.

    • hosting domains reseller

      WHOIS Management

      The WHOIS Management gives you full control of your contact information that is part of the publicly available WHOIS database. You can edit your data via our easy Control Panel.

    • domains email forwarding

      Email Forwarding

      The Email Forwarding enables you to easily forward emails from your website address to any other email address you want. In that way you will easily manage all your email accounts.

    • resell domains EPP key

      EPP Key Control

      The EPP is a key that is needed for the transfer of a domain, which is often accessible only by the registrar. The Domain Control Panel allows you to request an EPP key by yourself.

    • hosting and domains reseller

      URL Forwarding

      Register your domain with any of the hosting plans we offer and you could use a simple forwarding (redirection) from your domain to any other domain.

    • resell domains transfer lock

      Domain Transfer Lock

      You can manage your Domain Lock from the Domain Control Panel in order to shield the domain from unauthorized transfers or to unlock it if you decide to transfer it.

    • domain NS management

      Name Servers Management

      The Name Server Management section in our Control Panel lets you change your domains’ NS records. The Name Server records show to which server your domain name points to.

    • domain name custom DNS records

      Custom DNS Records

      We enable you to customize all your DNS Records, which include A Records, CNAME Records, NS Records, MX Records, TXT Records etc (paid plans only). That’s how you can control the way your domain functions.

    • Multiple domains subaccounts

      Multiple Domains Sub-Accounts

      Manage all your domains more easily and quickly by creating their own sub-accounts. Separate accounts can be very handy when you have to provide access to one of your domains.

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