In contrast to the .COMINFO or .NET Top Level Domains, which are unsponsored domains everyone can register, .ASIA is a TLD funded by the DotAsia Organization, which is also the registry for the .ASIA domains. The mission of the DotAsia is to sponsor and manage the .ASIA TLDs and also establish as well recognized regional namespace with global significance. As its name shows, the domain is introduced as a specific gTLD for the region of Asia and the Pacific.


.ASIA Registration Requirements

The ASIA domains can be registered by any individual or company based in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. However, the .ASIA registration is also possible if one of the contacts you use to register is a contact of an entity or a person in the region. Although the TLD is relatively new and the first .ASIA domains were registered in 2008, it is well known and widely used domain. For that reason, if your business is based in Asia or the Pacific or you want to expand your business there, it is a good idea to register a free .ASIA domain name.

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