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Domain parking refers to the process of buying a domain name, but still not using it – the period before the website is uploaded or after the domain expired and the website’s been deleted and there’s no content on that address, only one blank or a placeholder page. This mostly occurs when you buy a new domain, but you still haven’t developed and uploaded the website itself. So, when users type your site address in the browser, they will see only one page that’s not actually a part of your site and that simply displays a temporary message about your website’s status or it’s an advertising page.

How To Use Parked Domains?

The domain name registrar usually manages these pages. Sometimes they are empty or simply say something like “Under construction”. However, the company with which you have registered your domain names will often use the domain parking pages for its own advertisements and links. If you don’t want someone else to use your domains for ads not approved by you and to make some money from this, you could create your own pages for your parked domains and earn from your own advertisements. If you just don’t want anyone taking advantage of your domain names and brand you can simply leave the pages blank. Various companies offer domain parking services that place ads you could earn from on your parked domains’ pages.

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