The cache memory is used to save information temporarily on computers, servers, and other devices so that it can be accessed more quickly later. The cache is used to save data that is accessed often or has been computed recently. Though the cache memory is relatively small it plays a significant role for the more efficient and fast performance of the system. That’s because the cache makes a local copy of the information, called datum, which can be instantly accessed upon request by the system. In this way when an application looks for certain data it first checks the local cache before it checks the main memory. If it turns out that the data is duplicated in the cache memory, it is called cache hit. If it’s not stored as cache it’s called cache miss. The cache uses algorithms to make decisions about which data to discard or save depending on how likely it is to be used again. There are different types of memory cache that are part of the CPU and the main memory (RAM), they can store and operate diverse types of data.


Web Cache, Google Cache & Browser Cache Clearing

The web cache is very important for the fast loading of web pages and overall the better experience for Internet users. The web cache temporarily stores web pages and images reducing the server load, the delay while loading and the bandwidth usage. So, the web cache is very useful when your Internet connection is bad or the website is down. Search engines also create cache copies of pages they have indexed. The Google cache enables quicker access to the contents of web pages and access to some pages of sites that have gone down recently. To use the Google cache you just have to click on the link of the cached page version below the direct link in the search results. Browser cache is different from the server cache; it saves temporary information on the user’s machine in order to load pages that have been already opened by the browser more quickly. The browser cache could also enable you to access some of the recently visited web content offline. However, if you want your browser cache cleared, you can do that from your browser’s settings. The cache clearing option deletes your entire browser history.

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