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The email account is a crucial part of your website, as email is the simplest and most convenient way to communicate with your customers. There are many available tools and options that will facilitate and enhance the way you manage your emails. The usage of the Catch-All email feature is important for your business because any email sent to any mailbox (not existing or incorrect) on your domain name is received at one single mailbox that you have selected. This guarantees that you will not miss any messages that could be of significance.


How Does Catch-All Email Work?

The catch-all email is a type of forwarding that lets you receive even emails sent to not existing or incorrect mailboxes on your domain. Using Catch-All Email is very suitable, because you can use one email address for various purposes, for example, you can tell your customers that you have separate mailboxes for the different departments in your firm like or, but you will receive all emails at your default mailbox (the one you have set up as catch-all email) unless you have actually created more than one mailboxes for your domain. Another great advantage is that if someone mistypes the mailbox for your domain you will still receive the message.

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