The .cc domain name is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian territory. It is provided by VeriSign through its parent company eNIC, which tried to promote it for international use as “the next .com”. With its release by the IANA, .cc registration was assigned to the eNIC Corporation in 1997. Many entities use the .cc domain name, including the Republic of Cyprus. Also, many organizations that have a name of two parts both beginning with a “c” often use the .cc country code top-level domain. For example, some cycling clubs and Christian organizations use CC domains which happen to be an abbreviation for “Christian Church” or “Catholic Church.” Some software projects that are under the “Creative Commons” license, use a .cc for their websites because “CC” can stand for Creative Commons.

.CC Domain Name Registration Requirements

With some assistance from SamsDirect Internet, eNIC succeeded to market the .cc Country Code Top Level Domain. It was a huge success and became the second-largest TLD registry in the US second only to Verisign. A big part of the success of the domain sales came as a direct result of a deal between eNIC and the largest US radio broadcaster, Clear Channel (CC) Communications. They advertised and promoted the CC country code top-level domain on their network including several hundred radio stations over a three month period. .CC domain name registration is made directly at second-level and is open to everybody without any registration restrictions based on geographic or jurisdictional status. .cc registration can be placed with one of the many eNIC approved domain registrars through eNIC’s website

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