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One of the most important issues you should deal with when you launch your website is security and reliability. It’s recommended that you have different passwords for all your accounts and use anti-spam and anti-virus software for your domains and email. You could also secure your customers’ transactions with SSL. However, there are some features necessary for the management of all domain names that are free and usually accessible to the user. The Registrar Lock is one of these essential security features that every domain owner should be able to manage.

Registrar Lock – What Is It?

The Registrar Lock is also called Transfer Lock or Domain Lock and it’s a feature that protects your domain from being stolen or deleted. Almost all domains can be protected with a Registrar-Lock. There are only a few exceptions that don’t support the Register Lock but use another type of protection. These are the following TLDs: and .tw. While your site’s domain is locked it cannot be transferred and for that reason when you want to transfer the domain name to another company, you have to unlock it. Sometimes domain registrars don’t give their users access to that feature, thus not letting them transfer the domain to another registrar.

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