DOS is an abbreviation for Disk Operating System, a term often used for different versions of the operating system DOS and other similar systems, developed for IBM computers in the ’80s. The most widely used DOS operating systems were developed by Microsoft. The company created the first DOS version for personal computers PC-DOS and later MS-DOS, the Microsoft version, which is almost the same. These were the most commonly used DOS operating systems.DOS doesn’t have a graphical interface, it is operated by commands, which can be external or internal DOS commands. There’s a set of standard DOS commands for the execution of common tasks, additional commands were added later.

DOS Command-line Interface, DOS Emulators

Gradually the ubiquity of DOS systems was replaced by the easier to use operating systems with the graphical user interface. Although relatively simple, the command-line interface wasn’t friendly enough for most users. It also doesn’t support multitasking. An effective solution to these problems was the introduction of the first Windows OS, which ran on top of the DOS. The early Windows versions were bundled with the DOS operating system. The newer ones are installed independently but still support some DOS versions. DOS emulators enable the usage of DOS on new Windows versions like Windows XP and Windows Vista, as well as on Linux. DOS emulators are often used to enable users to play DOS games. You can download DOS emulator for almost every OS.

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