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FTP Client Software

The FTP client software is just like every other software application on your computer. It’s installed in the same way, easy to configure, and has a user-friendly graphic interface. The purpose of the FTP client is to give you straightforward and fast access to your files on a remote server directly from your desktop. Once you’ve set your FTP client software you can log in to your account with your username, password, and server info (hostname). Now you can upload and download files instantly, just using Copy and Paste, or simply dragging items through your screen. Most FTP clients also let you edit files from your server remotely, without even downloading them. You can easily start secure FTP sessions when you transfer your files using SSLTLC, or SSH.


FileZilla FTP Client

FileZilla is a multi-platform open-source FTP client that can run on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and BSD. Its interface is very intuitive and offers many extensive features including remote editing of files on the server. FileZilla is always fast and reliable, available in multiple languages and enables you to transfer big files (more than 4GB) and synch your directories. This FTP client software supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and FTP over SSH. Besides, it can be managed via command lines and can be used in passive mode.


Cyberduck FTP Client

Cyberduck is another great free FTP client for Mac OS X and Windows. It offers directory synchronization and remote file editing that you can easily manage in many languages. The transfer protocols supported by Cyberduck include FTPFTPSSFTP, HTTP(S), WebDAV, Google Drive, Cloud Files, and Amazon S3. Cyberduck is written in Java and has enabled the drag and drop function for the transfer of files and Growl notifications. Remote compression for SFTP, resume, and passive mode is also supported by the Cyberduck FTP client software.


CoffeeCup Free FTP

You can choose between the FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and HTTP(S) protocols when you use the CoffeeCup Free FTP Client software. It offers a handy Statusbar, full local and remote file management, and backup with automatic ZIP file creation. Setting up your FTP account with the CoffeeCup Free FTP is very easy and fast. File transfers could be canceled or paused and files simply be handled by dragging and dropping. For extra efficiency, you have local and remote bookmarks that can be used simultaneously.

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