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The hypertext is part of a digital text that includes hyperlinks (or simply links) that refer to other digital texts. Hypertext can be read-only on electronic devices like computers, tablets, e-readers or smartphones. The links in the hypertext make it nonlinear and dynamic. The hypertext is the basic concept behind the creation and development of the World Wide Web. It enables the easy and fast exchange of information over the Internet. However, hyperlinks are also used for applications and documents not connected to the Internet. In this case, the hypertext could be used in menus or for cross-referring different parts from a book (text) or a video. This type of hypertext is called “static”, the hypertext markup used in web pages is called “dynamic”. The hypertext is part of the concept for hypermedia, but hypermedia is not constrained only to text, it includes links in images, videos, sounds and more.

Using Hyperlinks & Hypertext Markup

The hypertext is something like a footnote that can be instantly accessed, the difference is that it refers to web content and the cited sources are not offline print books or articles, but documents published online. The hypertext on a web page is usually in a different color than the rest of text, it could be also underlined or set to change its color when hovered with the mouse, it could be also hidden (to look the same as the other text). To access the content from the link you only need to click on it. The hypertext link is embedded in HTML pages with the following hypertext markup: <“a href=”here-you-place-the-full-url” > linked text (hypertext)“<“/a >. The hypertext can be read by any web browser with the help of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which allows you to access the web content. You can create your own web pages with hypertext markup and more interactive features using free website hosting or affordable shared hosting. Our paid plans start at 24.00€ per year and come with 1 FREE domain for 1 year.

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