IMAP is abbreviation from Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a popular alternative to the POP3 protocol. And in contrast to POP3, it is generally suited for online access to email messages. Unlike POP3 the IMAP mail protocol keeps all your emails on the server until you choose to delete them. Messages are not saved on your computer unless you decide to download them. Usually, when you fix the settings of your email client you can select which email protocol you want to use and if you want your messages to be downloaded locally or not.

IMAP Email Hosting

Email is essential for your personal and business correspondence; it’s the most convenient way to communicate online privately and formally. That’s why it’s important to have various options for the management of your emails. And if you have your own website you certainly need a new email account with the same hostname, so you can freely communicate with your site’s users. We offer free email hosting that supports both the IMAP and POP3 protocols, as well as SMTP access, webmail, and autoresponder options. It is absolutely free – no fees, no ads placement required. You should also check up our paid hosting plans if you want real independence and no limitations in the way you manage your emails (especially for commercial sites) as well as all kinds of free IMAP email features including unlimited email accounts and virus protection, filters, catch-all, and email forwarding.

IMAP Advantages

The most important advantage of the IMAP is that it enables you to easily access all your emails at any time from any device and from any browser or email IMAP client. All you need is an Internet connection. Thus your emails are backed up on the mail server, always accessible and safer (especially if the email provider uses cloud hosting services). This advantage turns in a disadvantage if you have problems establishing Internet connection every time you want to check your emails. IMAP also enables mailbox access for multiple users at the same time and more options for email management like search, email state information, multiple mailboxes, shared folders, etc.

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