Most country-code top-level domains have various limitations that make their registration by foreign individuals or companies quite difficult or impossible. However, if you want to expand your online presence and try new local markets, there are some domains that you could register freely like .IN.BE or .TV. The .IN domain got into use in 1989, but since 2005 it’s available for anyone to register. .IN is the ccTLD used for India, it is managed by the INRegistry.


.IN Registration & Usage

Anyone can register second-level .IN domains. But there are some restrictions for the registration of domain names under some third level .IN extensions. These are: AC.INRES.INEDU.INGOV.INERNET.INMIL.IN and NIC.IN. These domains are reserved for Indian organizations and institutions only. Still, most of the third level .IN domains can be registered by non-Indian entities for various purposes; these are CO.INORG.INNET.INFIRM.INGEN.IN and IND.IN. Your .IN registration can be easily processed by an accredited registrar.

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