ISP stands for an Internet service provider. This is an organization which is providing access to the global Internet network. The organization could be academic, a company or a government institution. ISP’s are also popular as internet providers or just providers. There are five main types of connection – via fiber optic, wireless, satellite, mobile broadband and copper cable. The copper cable type is still the most popular because it is cheap and implements older types of Internet access such as Dial-up, ISDN and DSL. The copper Ethernet cable is widely used in the LAN networks because it offers much better connectivity compared to the Dial-up cable.

Fiber Optic and Wireless type of ISPs

The fiber optic and wireless types of ISP are becoming more popular these days, because they either offer higher internet speed or more mobility, depending on the clients’ demand. The fiber optic type of ISP implements the most modern technologies in order to reach the fastest internet speed available today. There are many fiber optic types of ISP offering “fiber to the home” type of service, the demand of which increases, especially in the high-populated urban areas in the developed countries, especially with financial offices trading with stocks on the stock exchange markets. This service guarantees the clients lower latency and better connectivity in case of bad weather or thunderstorms because the optical fiber is not affected by any kind of electromagnetic interference. The potential bandwidth capacity exceeds 1 terabyte per second. The only disadvantages are related to the more expensive equipment which is required to build the infrastructure. The wireless type of ISP is the provider delivering the Internet through a wireless network. It is popular with areas close to cities but not covered by DSL or cable linking. The more popular types of Wi-Fi access are through the free Wi-Fi hotspots in the central parts of urban areas, with high internet speed available in cafes, stations and other public spaces where visitors can connect their laptops, tablets or Smartphones and gain access to a network with high internet speed. Another type of ISP offering wireless access to the Internet is the Mobile broadband provider. The signal is distributed by mobile operators using cell towers to provide internet access wherever there is cell tower coverage, including to remote areas and villages.

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